Abbeville Community Performing Arts Foundation

Abbeville Community Performing Arts Foundation ACPA (1)

The City of Abbeville is currently accepting applications for the Abbeville Community Performing Arts Foundation (ACPA).  The ACPA will be tasked with facilitating theatrical performances at the Opera House as well as other community oriented events in tandem with the professional acts brought in by the City's Community Development Department. In a broader context, the ACPA will act as another engine for the economic and cultural development of the City of Abbeville.

The Application Period for the ACPA Board ended at January 4th, 2021 at 5PM.

City Council is currently in the process of making appointments to the ACPA Board from the pool of persons which applied.

Per Ordinance 13-2020, which established the ACPA Foundation, the founding board shall consists of: 

 A. The founding board of the Abbeville Community Performing Arts Foundation shall consist of eleven (11) members. Seven (7) members shall be appointed by City Council and shall have experience in one (1) of the following criteria: 


a. Special event operational management experience 

b. Live performing arts experience 

c. Financial experience 

d. Legal experience 

e. Management experience 


B. The remaining four (4) members will be ex officio members made up of the following individuals: 


a. Designated City of Abbeville City Council person 

b. The City Manager of the City of Abbeville 

c. Designee of the Abbeville County School District 

d. Designee of Erskine College